Divine Styler is an artist/musician from Brooklyn, New York, who first came to notoriety during the 80’s as a member of Ice-T‘s Rhyme Syndicate.

The first musical offering from Divine was the 1989 release of WordPower on the Rhyme Syndicate imprint which was hailed by critics and fans alike. Divine wielded a unique rhyme style along with creatively crafted beats on such songs as ‘Ain’t Sayin’ Nothin‘ and ‘Tongue of Labyrinth‘ that ushered in a new approach to hip-hop at the time. 

Spiral Walls Containing Autumns of Light‘, released in 1991 on Giant Records, was a wildly experimental work which strongly favored lyrical development along with reshaping the musical tapestry which would frame the lyrical ideas. This album could be considered his flagship work in that it is a pivotal point in the eschewing of the ‘traditional’ form of hip-hop production and embracing a broader concept wherein the production and lyrical content are but tools to create art. Arguably the most undeservedly ignored release of the early 90’s, “Spiral Walls” is a mind-blowing, astonishing album that glitters like a dark jewel, equally nightmarish and astonishingly beautiful. The best description given is “Parliament / Funkadelic meets the Residents” and even this doesn’t hint at the sheer range and ability on display. 

In 1998 Divine and DJ Shadow collaborated on ‘Divine Intervention‘, which was released on the Quannum Spectrum album. This was followed by ‘WordPower 2 Directrix in 1999, both titles were re-released on  MoWax in the UK in late 2000. Directrix, trafficking in information age paranoia, featured a highly personal and futuristic approach to rap music at the time with its heavy vocal effects, electronic beats, ethereal sound design, and sacred science. It was hailed as a landmark release, introducing Divine to a new generation.

The eclectic nature of Divine Styler‘s work has brought forth many collaborations with varied artists. There are several productions with John Tejada which can be found sprinkled throughout several albums and compilations. Divine has also appeared, along with Sadat X and Cokni O’Dire, on several tracks from the House of Pain album ‘Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again.

The track ‘Hot To Death‘ on the 1998 album, ‘Whitey Ford Sings The Blues‘ utilizes Divine’s production skills. ‘Style Wars‘ and ‘Subculture’ from the group Styles of Beyond, both include production and performances. Divine has also worked with guitarist, bassist, and MC Gabe Rosales of Vital Nonsense on the Vital Nonsense album debut. 

Soon to arrive on the horizon in 2014, is Divine Styler’s new project “DefMask” due for release on the U.K. art’s label Gamma Proforma. This work will showcase an intense conceptual/ progressive/ enigmatic expansion in Divine’s multi-vision approach to soundscaping music. The first single from this new venture ‘Architectonic‘ is out now.