1988 Everlast – Forever Everlasting (Warner)
1989 Word Power (Epic)
1992 Spiral Walls Containing Autumns of Light (Giant)
1996 House of Pain (Tommy Boy) ” Eddie the movie “Punch Drunk” Production
1996 House of Pain (Tommy Boy) Album-“Truth Crush to Earth Shall Rise Again” f/Divine Syler
1996 Divine Styler Magazine-In Search of Divine Styler (Fritz the Cat)
1996 Jazz Satellites, Vol. 1:Electrification “Am I an Epigram for Life”
1999 Word Power:2:Directrix (DTX)
1997 Queen Latifah (Motown) Album-“Order in the Court” (Production) Brownsville/Parley
1998 Whitey Ford Sings the Blues (Tommy Boy)- Everlast (Production) “Hot to Death”
1998 World Famous Beat Junkies, Vol 2 /guest app
1998 Order in the Court-Queen Latifah (Motown) “Parley”, “Brownsville”
1998 The Anonymous, Green and Gold “Dr. EZ’s Cool Fantastic Pt.2”
1998 Mannequin Lung “City Lights” [Mr. Hazeltine Remix]
1998 Styles of Beyond (Album) 2000 Fold – (Production/Guest App/Artwork)
– “Killer Instinct” f/ Divine Styler
– “Style Wars” (Produced by Divine Styler)
– “Subculture” (Produced by Divine Styler)
1999 Swollen Members (Battle Axe) /guest app.
1999 Funky Precedent – Various Artist (Loose Groove Records) “Make It Plain”
1999 DJ Shadow – Quannum Spectrum (Quannum Projects) “Red Alert”
1999 DJ Shadow – Quannum Spectrum (Quannum Projects) “Divine Intervention”
1999 Defenders of the Underworld-Various Artist (Battle Axe) “Bottle Rocket”
1999 Strength Magazine Presents Subtext (Sire) “Ghetto Supreme Being”
1999 Eye of the Hurricane – EP, ┬áNew Flesh “Eye of the Hurricane”
2000 Word Power:2:Directrix (MoWax) re-release
2000 Boiler Room (New Line Cinimea) – “Act as if”guest app
2000 DJ Kicks-Stereo MC’s (K7) ” Tongue of Labyrinth”
2000 Hell’s Kitchen – Maxim/Prodigy “Kronovecta”
2000 John Tejada “The Matrix of Us”
2001 LEN (Dreamworks) co-production “We Be Who We Be”
2001 Rap Collection – Various Artist- Grey Matter
2001 Pantone:Warm – Various Artist “The Matrix of Us”
2001 Awaken Various Artist (Immergent) “Terraform”
2001 Fabricelive – James Lavelle (Divine Intervention)
2001 Dublab Presents:Freeways/Various Artist (Emperor Norton) “Shen”
2001 So Many Worlds-Rambient (Immergent) “Killa Machine”, “Burn”
2001 No Gravity, The Angel “Act As If”
2002 John Tejada-Day Dreams in Cold Weather (Plug Research)
2002 Staedtizism 3 – Various Artists (Caroline) “Cyberspace Visual”
2002 Sound Ink:Colapsus – Various Artists “Ataraxis”
2002 Underwolves – Remixes (Jazzanova) “Under Your Sky”
2002-2006 Scheme Team “Outlaw Black Music”Unreleased
2005 Blood of Abraham – Eyedollartree (Omegatom)
2005 Poet Name Life – Calm Before The Storm
2007 Dublab Presents – Freeways “Shen”
2010 Asiatic “Poet Named Life (Feat. Divine Styler)
2012 Backdrop of Pain “Mount Cyanide & Divine Styler”
2012 War Machine Prototype (featuring ” Gravity Christ”)
2012 War Machine – ZigZagZig – GP2012 (Gamma Proforma)
2013 War Machine – ZAAR – GP2013 (Gamma Proforma)
2014 Divine Styler – Architectonic (Gamma Proforma)